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Weepy Voiced Killer(2018) Lazer Cut Perspex.


Sound projects outward from the structure of each triangle, the surface is reflective of a black mirror physically and metaphorically, the black mirror is a contemporary phenomenon based on a television screen when it's turned off. The perspex structure seems to absorb and project a negative, made negative, unlike a monitor, iPhone, laptop, the triangles do not beam light but seemingly contains it on its surface emulating people and things. What's horrifying about these sculptures is the size they command the viewer to come closer to hear the voice amongst, once closer the cries of a man become clearer as the viewer moves around the sculpture bending to the sound they hear a man confess to a series of horrific murders, his pathetic cries demand a present body. Through actively walking around the sculptures we give him our body. A monolith can be a malevolent force it asks for our present bodies and we often surrender. 


Influences lie within the science fiction genre, tv programmes such as Black Mirror and movies such as Kubrick's 2001:A Space Odyssey, Monolith. shown right with the angular diamonds also. 


In theory the monolith can be seen as a TV screen, one to which we as the viewer watch the actors in the film through, to todays standards the monolith can also be seen as a smart phone. The holder of all information. Is this adaptation of the Monolith through Kuberick's film a depiction of future technology? the film itself does have an anti technological theme. If humans are at risk of errors then the machines we make must also be flawed.


This installation shown in the MAFA Interim show (2018)

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