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Diptych (death of a comedian) (2018) Performance

A performance written and curated by Chase Szakmary.

One performer stands upon a podium, a burger podium. A voice over plays while the performer stands motionless. The voice over continues and another performer enters the set dressed in a suit he moves around looking at the podium and other performer. Interacting with the crowd he takes a drink and hands it over to the 1st performer. He moves around the space taking a shirt and trousers measuring up as if to fit the suit, all the while interacting with the crowd. 

Curator  - Chase Szakmary

Script writer - Chase Szakmary

Set Design - Chase Szakmary

Photography - Ani Mkrtchyan 

Performer 1 - Chase Szakmary

Performer 2 - Robin Woodward

Voiceover/sound - Co-edited Chase Szakmary/Robin Woodward

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