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Where the image slips (2018) 


A man stands in front of an old mirror staring at his own image. He stands for some time contemplating? Or adoring? this is unknown but madness ensues, within the imagery of the man's mind one may find the meaning of masculinity, death, and absurdity. Maybe, or it could be just all pointless, after all, life is. The tv screen a black mirror. The mirror itself a portal/black mirror. 


All the while the moon fades from white/silver to orange/red and back again on the 27th July 2018, Imagery of the lunar eclipse provided by Photographer Serefsezgin, imagery later adapted by Robin Woodward. 


Influences include Antonne Artaud, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin  Scorsese.


Director - Robin Woodward

Performances - Robin Woodward

Photography - Emma Starkey

Moon Scene Raw file - Serefsezgin

Sound - Escape One

Sound Editing - Robin Woodward 

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