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Why so Serious

There is nothing that [hu]man does that doesn’t otherwise have an agenda for someone else’s gain.

Take a look at…

Charity [for example]

Takes donations, donations used for good, but must pay bosses.

What if they are not paid you ask?

The [hu]man starts this for themselves, to feel fulfilled in life. Ultimately there is a gain! Or if its OXFAM for instance, you may join them to gain something out of [hu]man trafficking. You know?

Someone somewhere is profiting from [kind]ness. [kind]ness is code for a [hu]man endeavour to find fulfilment out of life. or just code to find an excuse to hurt others. Look at fucking Saville. Or Beverley Allitt. You know?


I do know

so stop fucking around pretending to care or pretending that you fit in to society because you don’t, look on the tube….


Drones sat on the barley padded seat smiling to their manufactured shitty music or tv programme that either displays the worst or best of [hu]manity.

nodding along

to the beat of boring.

Do nothing to nobody for nobody to use or doubt you and you will be fine [hu]man…

Robin Woodward

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